The future of electricity generation in the Dominican Republic

If we think about the energy future of the Dominican Republic, what can we think? What questions can we ask?

What will be future of the energy matrix of the Dominican Republic?

Which of the generation technologies that today participate in the Dominican electricity market, due to their high costs, will come out of the market?

Will the Dominican Republic have an energy matrix adapted to the new times?

Will renewable energy participate in the energy generation cake as required by the regulations in force in our country?

Will the generation of electricity with biomass be able to open its space in the Dominican energy matrix?

Will the Dominican Republic adapt to the environmental and sustainability requirements that everyday are becoming more and more demanding worldwide?

The answers to each of the previous questions are related to a topical question;

Are the energy authorities of the Dominican Republic planning and implementing an action plan that encourages the entry and operation of clean, non-polluting, environmentally friendly energies?

Is the Dominican Republic promoting the consumption of efficient energy, so that consumers are motivated to reduce their carbon footprint?

If the answers to the previous questions are not positive, that is to say, that the Dominican Republic is not adequately planning its energy future, then we have to ask ourselves the following questions.

What are we doing to demand or build the energy future we want for our children?

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Francisco Ortega
IEC Manager

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